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This Web site features my own car and information about 4ws in general.
My Car:
Mazda 626 Coupe GT 4ws 2.0i 16v

On the road since: August 21 1989;

I'm the third owner since 1989;

I've bought it on August 30 2000;

My name is Rob and I live in the Netherlands.
Technical data:

Motor: 1998 cm3
Output: 156 PK
Fuel: unleaded 95
Weight: 1225 kg
0-100km/h: 8.3 sec.
Maximum speed:
220 km/h
Fuel consumption:(according ECE-norm)
* 90km/h constantly:
6,6 l/100 km
*120km/h constantly:
8,6 l/100 km
* city:
11,0 l/100 km
Maximum turnwidth: 9,4 mtr
Lenght: 4450mm
Width : 1690mm
Hight : 1360mm
Wheelbase: 2515mm

That's me and my Mazda -->>

More Pictures
From my first 626 to this 626 Coupe, see it all on my photo pages!

4ws Advantages
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This site is built by Rob in 2002 and enjoy reading it, I made it for U!